Electrical Equipment Decommissioning

3L2R’s electrical equipment decommissioning services lead to clean sites that are ideal for green building initiatives. As part of 3L2R’s electrical services division, our electrical products experts will come to your decommissioned facility to evaluate and provide you a fair market value on your electrical goods, and then promptly and securely remove your electrical products from your site. When a plant is scheduled to close or be demolished, there is often a large amount of electrical equipment that needs to be properly disposed of from the decommissioned site. Employing a team of electrical equipment professionals to assist in clearing out your decommissioned facility provides a number of benefits:

  • The electrical products are removed quickly, safely and efficiently
  • You receive money for selling the used equipment
  • You keep electrical waste out of landfills

3L2R is a fully insured company whose ecologically responsible electrical equipment decommissioning services are suitable for a variety of building types:

  • Office towers and buildings
  • Unfinished construction projects
  • Industrial or commercial facilities of any type
  • Municipal buildings
  • Automotive industrial buildings
  • Condominiums or apartments
  • Retail and service facilities

Our electrical equipment decommissioning services will save you time and money, and help to preserve our environment. By evaluating, dismantling, and removing electrical products that are no longer required for service, our electrical equipment rentals team can provide you reasonable compensation. To learn more about our electrical equipment decommissioning services, our other electrical services, or our electrical equipment rentals and leasing services, get in touch with 3L2R today.

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