Electrical Equipment Disposal

At 3L2R our goal is to provide our clients with the most dependable electrical services available whether it be electrical service, electrical products or electrical equipment disposal. You can trust our professional electrical team here at 3L2R for the proper dismantling, transportation and safe disposal of all your electrical equipment. 3L2R will not only save you the time of dismantling and disposing of your unwanted electrical product, 3L2R will also help to reduce cost, not only do we have trained professional electricians to ensure the proper dismantling of your electrical product, we also have our own licensed electrical disposal facility, which means no added costs of having to hire a sub-contractor to aide with the proper disposal.

Whatever type of electrical products you have that require disposing, 3L2R can work with you to set up an electrical equipment disposal program to meet all your needs. Our electrical equipment disposal services help you to not only reduce the size of your environmental footprint, it also provides health benefits for the communities in which you operate. Not only do our experienced electrical disposal professionals dispose of your unwanted electrical items, but they will also work closely with you to reorganize your electrical equipment disposal activities to help minimize your electrical equipment waste in future.

Did you know that non-functioning or unwanted electrical equipment that is kept in storage may be a health or environmental hazard? In order to avoid this risk 3L2R can manage all your electrical equipment disposal needs, this includes:

  • Breaker accessories
  • Fusing
  • Control products
  • Transformers
  • Distribution equipment and accessories
  • Relays
  • Plus, many more

Call 3L2R at (519) 629-0152 and speak with one of our many expert staff for any questions you may have with regards to your non-functioning/unwanted electrical equipment we will be very happy to help with any questions you may have.

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