Transportation Logistical Assistance

3L2R will assist you with the set up of the proper transportation services required to transport your electrical distribution material in a safe, timely and convient manner. All transportation companies we work with are in compliance with all provincial, state and federal requirments throughout North America. 3L2R employs a number of methods of transportation:

  • Tankers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Rail
  • Van trailers
  • Straight trucks
  • Flat decks

Our transportation logistical assistance provides safe and effective transportation of many types of electrical equipment:

  • Low to high voltage electrical components, parts and accessories
  • Busway and bus plugs: Fusible and breaker type, bus duct, tap boxes, end caps, parts and accessories
  • Many types of breakers
  • Low to high voltage fuses
  • Starters, contactors and relays
  • Transformers in various styles, kVa sizes and types (liquid filled or dry)
  • Motor controls: Pump panels, motor starters, contact kits, coils, contactors, and motor control centre lineups, sections and buckets
  • Switchboards and panel boards
  • Fusible and non-fusible disconnects: Panel mount switches, bolted pressure and load break switches, and automatic and manual transfer switches

Whether you are planning to have your electrical equipment repaired, refurbished, recycled or disposed of, 3L2R expertly offers transportation logistical assistance for the delivery of your electrical products to our facility, or to yours. For all of your electrical equipment disposal, recycling, refurbishing or repair needs, turn to 3L2R and our efficient transportation logistical assistance. Ask about our electrical equipment rentals and leasing services, and our other electrical services too!

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